What to use?

What to use on the Puyallup can change from week to week.

During the Pink, King, and Coho runs in August - Sept. the water is so colored (especially in the lower river) that long leaders, and small corkies, seem to rule the day as far as results go. This is technically flossing, and causes quite a few debates on the forum, and fisherman in general.

In early October, the river begins to clear up, and spinners, spoons, eggs or jigs under a float can get fantastic results. I personally love fishing with spinners, and most of my coho are caught this way. Form the lower river, all the way up to the hatchery on the carbon, there are plenty of spots that are ideal for throwing spinners.

I had never thrown spinners in the puyallup until I met Bill Herzog in Sportco, and asked him what he would do to catch a coho on the Puyallup. He recommended a Blue Fox Spinner, and i bought a couple and decided to give it a try. I landed this coho on my first trip with spinners, and have been hooked ever since. Later I read a book about spinner fishing by Jed Davis, and have been catching coho on spinners ever since.

In November, and December, the river can run super colored one week, then crystal clear the next depending on rainfall, and temperatures causing more snow to melt or stay frozen ( the Puyallup is glacially fed). During this time, the chum fill the lower river, and can be caught with corkies and yarnspinnersjigs, and spin and glows.