Line Winder

I re-spool a lot! I can't handle wondering if the fish that i've finally hooked could be lost because my line is brittle, and old. I also exclusively use spinning reels, and putting line on can be quite a scene if you're trying to do it without having any line twist.
I've tried the Piscifun line winder, but it doesn't hold bigger service spools like I have. I tried berkley's first version and it didn't work because it caused way to much line twist. The second version looks poorly made, and it has quite a few bad reviews. 
So....heres my homemade version using a sewing machine motor, and hardware odds and ends. Works pretty well, although I'd love comments on what you'd do to make it better.
You can click on the picture below to find the parts on amazon. The whole setup cost about $120 to make, and the only electric version i could find were $300-$800

Click on each part to see it on Amazon

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