The Perfect conditions

These are the conditions that must be happening for me to go fishing. Keep in mind, most of what I do is casting spinners. Long lining with small corkies can be done any time.

1. River level falling
2. Wind speed has to be under 12 mph
3. Temperatures must be stable for a couple days, regardless of degrees - This is very IMPORTANT! (I've been multiple times when it froze for the first time in a couple weeks, and even though the fish are abundant, I've come home skunked!)
4. Barometer rising would be best, but I go regardless of what the barometer is.
5. River level below 13.5 ft. according to hydro
6. Everything is taken care of at home

Years of research have been put into trying find out when fish go "on" or "off" the bite.

Water flow is one large factor that can dictate the bite being on or off. These are the two sites i use in my research of what time I should go fishing on the Puyallup.

When the water in the river rises, the increase in volume will turn fish off. They tend to stop biting while they're looking for a place to hold by the edge of the river until the water slows down.
When the river is rising, fish instinctively know that debris is floating down the river directly towards them, so they gravitate toward the extreme edges of the river until it stabilizes.

So, look at the first chart (hydrograph prediction). From 6 am tuesday, through the end of the weekend would be a perfect time to fish. The next thing to figure out is at what time of the day would be best.

Look at the second chart and notice the section of Sept. 12th through Sept. 16th. Do you notice that even though the Hydro prediction on those particular day was sloping down or holding steady, the water still rose and fell? That's because the Puyallup is glacially fed. You can see that during the afternoon through the nighttime hours, the river drops, because the glaciers don't un-thaw. So in the early morning the river will run much clear than in the afternoon or dusk.

The best time is during the early morning when the falling freezing level from the night before clears up the water or later after 3:00pm when rising waters level out. Even though it runs turbid at that time it will still produce some good strikes.