Monday, October 31, 2016

October is finally over

The rainiest October on record is finally over. With over 9 inches of rain, and most of it falling after the 16th, when the Puyallup finally opened, the fishing has been extremely slow, to non-existent.

The b-run of coho shot straight up to the hatchery, as the river was blown out for most of the month.

I've caught coho in the lower as late as Nov 8th, so I still plan on giving it a shot if the river drops to a manageable height on one of the next two weekends, but otherwise, it looks like chum season is the next action we'll get.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Motorized fishing reel spooler with sewing machine motor

With the season not starting till a week ago, I had plenty of time to get organized. I made a line re-spooler with a sewing machine motor, because I was getting tired of how long it took to re-spool.

I think I might be a bit extreme, but I like using new line almost every time I fish. I buy service spools so I can save money on line.

Click on each part to see it on Amazon

Friday, October 14, 2016

Puyallup River will open to retention of hatchery coho

Action: Retention of hatchery coho is permitted.

Effective dates: Oct.16, 2016 through Dec. 31, 2016.Species affected: Coho salmon

Location: Mainstem Puyallup River from 11th Street Bridge to the mouth of the Carbon River.

Reasons for action: Egg-take goals have been met at Voights Creek Hatchery. Due to continued uncertainty surrounding wild coho escapement and conservation goals, anglers are required to release wild coho and wild steelhead.Other information: Regulations in the Puyallup River now allow for the retention of 2 chum salmon as described by the Sport fishing Rules 2016/2017. Effective Oct. 16 through Dec. 31, up to 2 adults may be retained of which only 2 may be any combination of chum and hatchery coho. Release chinook salmon and wild coho.

Information contact: James P. Losee (360) 902-2741, or Tara Livingood (360) 628-4223, tara.livingood@dfw.wa.govx

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Puyallup river netting schedule 2016

Came across this on the wdfw website. Never knew the netting schedule was released at the beginning of the year. This is for 2016-2017 season