Saturday, October 6, 2012

Skunked on the Carbon

Hit the carbon at sunrise this morning, trying to bounce eggs along the bottom.....

I was using 15lb. mainline, 10lb leader, and it was hard getting any kind of drift thru the slow water, even with no weight..... I think my line may have been too heavy, but i'm looking for tips!

Beautiful day anyway!
Good luck


  1. have you tried spinners, or put a float on with eggs?

    1. in hindsight, for the line i was using, i should have tried a float -- you're right.
      Next time, I'll either use much lighter line, or a float (with eggs, or a jig)

      I think I'm about a week or two out from trying spinners. THe water clarity was much better than it has been, but I'm really waiting for that deep green look!

  2. the thing about spinners that i like is that even if there is a little too much color in the water, i might still try them because of the action and vibration they cause. Hopefully if you can run that thing close some holding fish half a dozen times or so they might take a whack at it because they are pissed off at whatever is buzzing by em. the key is targeting that slack, holding water