Monday, October 8, 2012


Looks like Friday and Saturday, it's supposed to pour rain!
I'm hoping the Puyallup, and Carbon are still fishable this weekend. I'm expecting a lot of fish to be shooting up thru the upper Puyallup, and Carbon heading to voights hatchery with this first rain.
Barley any coho, and only a couple hundred Kings have returned so far.----way behind a normal year


  1. i dont even depend on voights creek hatchery anymore for salmon or steelhead hasnt been the same since it was flooded out and almost shut down it would be nice to have the hatchery and the state step it up at least we have native fish and indian fish to catch and pinks on odd years but thats mothernature at her best controling that fishery to bad so many dumdasses come out.

  2. agreed there are a ton of "wild" fish coming out of that creek and or the holding pond due to that flood. The pond is stacked with kings right now, well a few hundred tops and very few silvers. I have a feeling both the puyallup and the carbon are going to be zoo's once the main run decides to come in. Hopefully the rivers will not blow completely out.

  3. 2009 flood washed all the hatchery fish in to the river before they were ready making for a high mortality rate do not hold your breath waiting for more fish to come in.

  4. do you think that there will be more kings straggling in with the silvers because of the low count so far this year? maybe they are still hanging out in the salt waiting for the rain?

    1. I think (and I'm not positive by any means) the kings are stacked at the mouth of voights, or are already in the creek. I think the silvers will be pouring into the hatchery with this next rain.....but that's the a run. I'm expecting to start seeing the b run by next weekend.

      There's no evidence that rain actually brings fish into the river, but there's plenty that rain makes fish move upriver while its raining, and just after. Believe me....I'm hoping its bringing new fish into the river, but I just haven't experienced it personally on the puyallup yet. It seems each run starts showing up in the lower river like clock work, regardless of rain. Chum, king, pink, and silvers, but how fast they move up is dictated by the rain.

  5. I know it wasn't on the Puyallup but my wife caught a 11 lb wild coho on commencement bay last weekend. There out there just waiting. Have hope my friends.