Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Puyallup river netting

The netting will end at noon today, and the rest of the river will be open tomorrow morning, an hour before sunrise. According to past years journals, this next week should be very good for adult coho.

Good luck out on the river....


  1. Per the hotline, they are netting on Sept 16-17-18 also. It did not say whether a portion of the river will be closed.

  2. The river won't close anymore, but they'll be netting thru December. Usually sun- Tuesday.
    Kind of surprised I havn't heard more reports of fish being landed.....I'll be heading out this weekend.

    Good luck

  3. had my first productive trip on the river yesterday. Hooked 3, landed 2 and was done before 7:30 am. hope to get out to 5th st bridge area tonight. I am sure the soccer fields will be PACKED!

    1. AWESOME!... Great to hear...hope you took some pics.
      I agree the soccer fields will be packed, but i know there will be a lot of fish being landed down there as well....

      everyones lookin for their secret spot :-)