Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coho Kibosh

Landed a couple nice coho's this morning before 7:30
Caught on corkies and yarn at the top of a tailout. This buck hit my corkie mid-drift - Slam!

I'll be moving up river (mid-river) by this next weekend, and then moving all the way up near the carbon in a couple weeks, but the lower river is loaded with coho right now.

Puyallup coho


  1. Nice fish! I wanted to get down there today but im staying away from the puyallup for a few more days till i get over last tuesday bad experience. I parked at tiffany's skate rink around 145pm and started fishing. 15 mins into it....i heard my truck alarm go off. I got out the river and headed to my truck. Some punk smashed my drivers side window and opened the door. They didnt get anything cus i dont leave stuff worth stealing. But a new window cost me $217 wednesday.

    1. Wow. That is painful. 217!
      I've had gas siphoned down at 5th st. They were amateurs for sure, because the tube broke off in my tank, and I had to reach in and pull it out.

      When I get enough $$$ I'm gonna buy a 30 yr old rust bucket truck just for I don't have to think about it.

  2. Well this Sunday the 16th, I was parked on Houston on that side of the river where it curves along the bike path near north the EastMainStret Bridge and my car was broken into with the window being totally is going to cost around $250, I estimate but won't know until I call around tomorrow.

    So, just letting you all know be careful and think twice this year about parking there since there is not much else around there. They had to know where the cars of people fishing are and go out of the way to go to Houston Road. There wasn't anything out in the open and not much of anything of worth. But they still took whatever they could. Whoever is breaking into cars knows where people fish at and is targeting their cars. Just letting you all know.

    1. Just had mine smashed on Friday the 19th at same spot. Sumner cop showed up, got out of his car and told me this is not Sumner so I would have to call pierce county. Since no weapons were stolen they could not send anyone out there and told me to file a complaint online. If you see me waiting in the bushes with my shotgun, dont call any attention to me....I'll be waiting you little bastards...