Sunday, August 12, 2012

The "non" report

Not much to report!
Went down behind Freddy's to try out plunking for the first time. Tried to get in the shaded areas, because the sun was blazing hot, but didn't have much luck. I was using kwikfish, and hook a trout about the same size as the lure :)

 Any way, good to get back on the river. Looking forward to the next couple weekends, because according to my journals, they should be pretty good for kings.


  1. Been to several areas and spoke to others who report "no action" or sightings.

  2. I've had a few sightings, but nothing worth reporting really. I've noticed all fish I've seen have been close to shore rather than in the middle lanes. Noticed this in every spot FH & I have been to. Still waiting to hook a fish on my new rod!

  3. I hear ya....I'm gonna get out there myself here real soon. I hadn't heard of many reports of kings last year until mid to late august, so i think things are pretty normal.

  4. Been pounding between the bridges pretty hard since the openner. Seen two chinook landed (15ish) and believe it or not one small coho (for sure).

    Nothing for me so far.

    I know it's early...I just don't want to miss it when it does happen...would LOVE it to get to about 1ft vis so I could toss eggs.
    Anybody else notice they put a turbidity graph on the river???

  5. I agree....even just a little clearer would be nice.
    I think after this weekend, with the "cooler" weather, the river may drop and clear up a little.
    What do you mean by turbidity graph?


      The usgs water level for the puyallup link above...shows the water levels and the bottom graph is the turbidity.

      Google to find a conversion table.

      Fished today again...saw one chinook landed and Another small coho. Talked to a friend who caught a coho and saw another caught. Hopefully these few early coho mean a good run this year.

      Hoping more chinook come in...should be in in numbers any time...every time I go I see more fish...not a ton of hook ups..just a couple here and there.

      Shane V.