Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lower Puyallup OPEN

The lower Puyallup is now open. From 11th st. bridge (near the mouth), all the way up to the Carbon is now open for fishing......

Good luck

View Puyallup River fishing locations in a larger map


  1. Great map!

    Thank you for sharing it!


  2. Be careful out there guys, they just pulled a body out this morning. Hopefully its the missing man from several weeks ago.

  3. Thanks for the link 253. Yeah It sounds like its the 29 year old that went missing up by mcmillans
    Really sad.....
    I personally won't wade above my fish it that important.

  4. Hit the river early this morning, went to soccer fields first but cul de sac was packed so went to freddies and gave it a shot for a few hours. Ton of fishermen there also, didn't see any fish jump, roll, no one with any hook-ups either..try again later in the week.

    1. same here....i tried the soccer fields a found a spot, but i had no luck
      did see one small chinook landed out of about 50 people