Friday, August 3, 2012

Couple reports of Kings

Hearing about a couple reports of kings being caught down by safeway, and just up from freeman road.
Fishing is still extremely slow, but I think that's pretty normal for opening week.

I remember things didn't really heat up until the middle of August last year (of course the pinks helped!)


  1. Fished just up from Fred Meyer for a couple of hours..10 or so fisherman along that stretch from the bridge to the action to report..river is a bit high but fishable. Going to give it a shot a little later in the week.

  2. This river is most times fishable, except for flood stage. The river I see right now is way higher than the last couple years, due to low glacier melt until now from the colder winter and crappier summer. It's always mudwater but this year seems ricawkalous. I think the run will be later due to the conditions, but I will fish in a walmart water bottle on the outside chance i catch one of those gold fish if it's open. Instinct will bring them in, so fish on and report and good luck!

    1. Sounds like a plan..... :). I'll probably give it a shot this weekend myself

      Good luck