Saturday, May 5, 2012

Puyallup River fishing regulations 2012

Barbless hooks are required from August - November. December 1st you can use barbed hooks.

Only one hook per line until December 1st. After November 30th, treble hooks, and double hook setups are legal.

Night closure in effect until December 1st.

Legal combinations of kept fish - daily limit 6 - (two adults)

  • Two Coho, four Jacks
  • Two Coho
  • Two Chinook, four Jacks
  • Two Chinook
  • One Coho, one Chinook, four Jacks
  • One Coho, one Chinook
  • Two Chum
  • One Chum, one Coho
  • Two Trout over 14"(dolly varden -bull trout)

CHIN JACK = King jacks or Chinook jacks (12 to less than 24 inches) 
COHO JACK = Silver jacks or Coho jacks (12 to less than 20 inches)


  1. Im confused if the daily, limit is 6 how come your chart says it tops out at 4 couldnt a man catch 4 jacks and 2 adult fish?

  2. thanks....i'll switch that right now...yes

  3. Great lol and BTW i love your blog most of your tips are just as easy to use on other glacier fed rivers in the area keep it up brother!

  4. What is plunking and how do you set up the rig?

  5. Just google "what is plunking for salmon". There are pics, and videos all over.
    This will be my first year trying plunking, so I haven't done any videos yet.

    Good luck

  6. Thanks for the quick reply, BTW nice blog. Hope you have a great season!

  7. Also, after a discussion with some guys. I looked it up.
    If you catch 2 adults first your done. If you catch an adult then the a jack, keep fishing till the second adult is caught. I have never seen anyone with 4 jacks and 1 adult. I had adult, jack adult today.

    1. Thanks for the clarification....i've wondered about that.
      So whatever adult quota is filled, then your done....right.
      Like four pinks (during a pink year) and your done