Saturday, May 5, 2012

Puyallup River fishing regulations 2012

Barbless hooks are required from August - November. December 1st you can use barbed hooks.

Only one hook per line until December 1st. After November 30th, treble hooks, and double hook setups are legal.

Night closure in effect until December 1st.

Legal combinations of kept fish - daily limit 6 - (two adults)

  • Two Coho, four Jacks
  • Two Coho
  • Two Chinook, four Jacks
  • Two Chinook
  • One Coho, one Chinook, four Jacks
  • One Coho, one Chinook
  • Two Chum
  • One Chum, one Coho
  • Two Trout over 14"(dolly varden -bull trout)

CHIN JACK = King jacks or Chinook jacks (12 to less than 24 inches) 
COHO JACK = Silver jacks or Coho jacks (12 to less than 20 inches)