Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fishing the Puyallup 2011's was an awesome year for fishing. Thanks to all contributors, and commenters. Any participation is greatly appreciated.

Started out with a ton of pinks, and losing a couple kings; the b-run of silvers never fully developed, even though I landed a couple, but the chums are always great for wrapping up the year.

Good luck to everyone who's going to brave the winter for some steelhead up on the Carbon, and I'm looking forward to a productive year in 2012.

I'm reading a couple great books for next year, mainly about reading water, and what to use when conventional drift fishing is not suitable for a given stretch of river. I know the titles have a lot to do with steelhead, but I know a lot of the same principles apply. I'm probably going to be making my own spinners after reading Jed Davis' book. If I do, I'll post some videos about how to make them.

I'll be back in July, a couple weeks before the river opens back up! Until then, good luck fishing.

Catching this fish with a spinner got me thinking about not being SO centered in on corkies and yarn, and it's been paying off! Still using 'em qutie a bit, but I want to see any portion of the river, that I know holds fish, and be able to fish it properly, wether that means bobber & jig, spinners, eggs, or corkies.


  1. You should venture out and actually "fish" for once. Standing on a bank with families of 20 fishing for beat up pinks and chum that you can catch with a carrot isn't fishing! Start Steelheading /or fishing for Coho & Kings and I will be your biggest fan! Tight lines homie! Good website.

  2. Great comment! Always looking for more fans....I'd gain two at one time (myself included) --
    Really looking to figure out coho & chinook quite a bit more this next year. I lost both kings i hooked, and was only able to land three coho's.... if you have any tips on spots, or techniques specific for the cohos and chinook i'm all ears.... my e-mail is

    I'm gonna have to try that carrot thing....:-)