Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chum all over!

Lots of chum in the lower Puyallup still. Lost a couple (one was HUGE); landed two, and saw so many jumpers! Good time overall.

Thanks to 253Flying Hawaiian, for the good time, and the netting :-)

The run should be strong thru the end of December. E-mail photos, and I'll post 'em on the reports page.

Chum salmon

Puyallup chum


  1. Great to finally meet you ig! Will you guys be out tomorrow?

  2. No....already had previous plans with relatives for tomorrow....not sure how much more I'll be able to get out this year, because of travel and the holidays, but I think my brothers may still be going....
    It's hard to stop when there's so many fish!

    Good time this morning--thanks again

    Good luck....Any pics --I'll post

  3. Well if anyone's goin, see you there! Thanks ignorant

  4. You seriously keep those?? WOW! Its half dead. Let em be bro!

  5. They lose quite bit of color once bled, and cleaned....I'll bet any living thing would.
    The upper photo, was super chrome, the lower fish was on the border, although i will say it was quite a bit brighter when initially caught. - this picture is about two hours after it was bled.

    It still smokes up super nice.