Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fishing the Puyallup 2011's was an awesome year for fishing. Thanks to all contributors, and commenters. Any participation is greatly appreciated.

Started out with a ton of pinks, and losing a couple kings; the b-run of silvers never fully developed, even though I landed a couple, but the chums are always great for wrapping up the year.

Good luck to everyone who's going to brave the winter for some steelhead up on the Carbon, and I'm looking forward to a productive year in 2012.

I'm reading a couple great books for next year, mainly about reading water, and what to use when conventional drift fishing is not suitable for a given stretch of river. I know the titles have a lot to do with steelhead, but I know a lot of the same principles apply. I'm probably going to be making my own spinners after reading Jed Davis' book. If I do, I'll post some videos about how to make them.

I'll be back in July, a couple weeks before the river opens back up! Until then, good luck fishing.

Catching this fish with a spinner got me thinking about not being SO centered in on corkies and yarn, and it's been paying off! Still using 'em qutie a bit, but I want to see any portion of the river, that I know holds fish, and be able to fish it properly, wether that means bobber & jig, spinners, eggs, or corkies.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lower Puyallup still producing

A lot of fish still in the lower, although the run is slowly coming to an end. This huge buck was landed this morning along with two smaller hens. Seems the hens are a little brighter over the last two weeks. Dark colored Spinner Corkies was the ticket this morning. Check out the teeth!

Having trouble with the reports page link, but this will get you there.

Puyallup river chum

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Puyallup river fishing regulations

Having questions myself, and from others about the regulations on the Puyallup, so thought I'd break it down. I think this is the correct interpretation of the rules.....but I'm open.

Good luck fishing today!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chum all over!

Lots of chum in the lower Puyallup still. Lost a couple (one was HUGE); landed two, and saw so many jumpers! Good time overall.

Thanks to 253Flying Hawaiian, for the good time, and the netting :-)

The run should be strong thru the end of December. E-mail photos, and I'll post 'em on the reports page.

Chum salmon

Puyallup chum

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fishing in the dark

Met up with Flying Hawaiian down at the soccer fields, right after he'd landed this huge chum. Didn't land anything myself, although we both chased schools of chum up & down the river with no luck.
All in all a good time fishin', and I'll give it a go here again soon. I think the water being so clear and low just made the fish spooked, and put 'em off the bite for the most part.

It sounded like this morning was pretty hot up at clarks creek.

Thanks Flying Hawaiian....good time.

December Puyallup Fishing

Looking to get out there today & repeat last weekends success. It sounds like most everything is still being caught in the lower river, although I know they're up in the carbon already.

Good luck to everyone this weekend......DRESS ACCORDINGLY! It's so cold! doesn't matter how cold it is if you have a fish on the end of your line.......Hmmm...seems like it just warmed up :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Awesome fishing this morning down at the soccer fields....

Our crew landed a couple, and lost a ton!.....Good fightin' fish for sure!

Lost a 15lb.+ chum after quite a fight....a couple jumps and everything!

Good luck to everyone....This is a video of a couple of the fights!

Puyallup chum

joel chum

Puyallup river chum

puyallup chum salmon