Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where to fish on the Puyallup river

Posted Saturday Morning
Not able to make it down to the river this weekend, but I know where and when I'd go, if I was able!

Not looking to make a surge of people all going to one place at the same time, but if you email me, I think I can give you a pretty good shot of getting into some nice chum either this afternoon, or Sunday morn..... 

Looking forward to getting back into some nice fish, but if I can't fish...i'm hoping to at least hear some good success stories!


Posted Sunday Night
Hey! looks like there's a couple lucky ones! Nice fish from 253 & Flying Hawaiian. Glad I was able to bothered me knowing there would be fish there, and not being able to hook into 'em, but this is the next best thing for sure! Hope to see you on the river soon!

Fish ON!!!!!!


  1. looking for good spot to fish along the lower Puyallup River in the morning

  2. Try off Levi rd, pretty easy to get to and there are several spots

  3. the soccer fields, fruitstand, or freddy's are pretty good, but its best to time it with the incoming tomorrow morning should work....they start netting at 12:30

  4. FH and I went to the lower this morning and the bite was on at sunrise. I Hooked 4 chum and landed 2. Combat fishing at Clarks

  5. Hey! Good to hear....I just got the pics as well. I'm traveling today, but I'll post the pics tonight. Good to hear everyone was having a good time!

    Nice fish!

  6. They netted in front of me at least 5 times in 2 hours today. Every time the fish made their way up in front of me the boats came. Indians were unloading LOTS of fish at Clarks, let's hope their numbers dont thin out too bad before they stop.