Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Puyallup River netting chum salmon

This video was sent to me by F.H.  -- thank you
This is down across from Clark's Creek....a yearly setup area where all the boats come & unload their catch.

Check out the river level predictions! From what I've experienced, the river won't be even close to fishable until late friday morning.....quite a storm!


  1. Checked the hydrograph a couple of times today, predicted crest was above 22ft at one point now down to 19.31..ugghh was hoping to fish on Turkey Day..
    am I wrong in thinking to try the upper reaches of the river system this weekend first as the water may be at more fishable levels above first? Can't assume there are fish up there of course..

  2. The upper river is usually a couple hours earlier - yes

    Not sure how many chum have made it up there yet, but I know one was caught two weekends just below 116th st

  3. Weather report gets worse by the hour for the weekend--I was thinking if overnight temps turn colder at some point then the river(s) at higher elevations would be better...however saturday the overnight LOW is forecast at 47..
    Interesting link about steelheading in the Carbon http://www.steelheadnotebook.net/carbon.htm
    I've never fished the Carbon above the confluence..do you know of any basic go-to spots around Orting (ie., parking) to fish/re-con from?

  4. Sorry for changing topic, but does anyone know if there are any chum in chambers creek in steilacoom? i have heard there used to be but can not find any recent fishing reports for that fishery. With the lack of fish coming into the puyallup right now i am on the hunt for something to fill the smoker with. I was in Gig Harbor today and made a visit to minter creek and there were huge numbers of fish stacked up in there today. thanks for the help.

  5. anyone think it will be worth giving it a shot today? Water levels are dropping pretty quick

  6. Just opinion here- I'm open for a disagreement, because I'd love to fish at these levels, but I havnt ever found anywhere on the Puyallup that's fishable over 14 ft. And even then it's rough finding a spot. 13 ft is the sweet spot for chum on the hydro.
    Like I said. I'd love to hear a disagreement. :)

  7. I just went and checked it out, its muddier than hell. ever catch anything when visibilty is that low? and i have a few spots in mind that might be safe and pretty easy to fish right now, so i might give it a try on the way to dinner haha

  8. Never had a bunch of success with super muddy. Make sure you use scent frequently if you're gonna.

  9. I agree I.F. I have ever had any luck with super muddy water and high water levels. Even with using the thick scent (smelly jelly) that does not wash off after one cast.

    I might check it out today because its sunny, but then again I might save my time and go tomorrow.

  10. I don't think i'll be able to make it....I'm out of town, but it looks like saturday morning, or maybe late afternoon in the lower river looks promising.
    They actually stopped netting early last week, because of the high water levels!

    good luck....

    i think my brothers may go down, if so...i'll give an update.