Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Puyallup River Fishing Regulations

Looking to be on the river this weekend for some excellent fishing. The lower river sounds like it's loaded with chum.
Anywhere from mama stortini's down river is shaping up nice.

As of December the rules on the Puyallup are changed...check this out..

Good luck


  1. Fished a couple of hours at 5th St. this morning, no sign of fish although talked to other anglers there who said there had been a couple of bright late coho caught there the last few days. Water was perfect.
    Also heard the tribe had netted swarms of chum down lower.

  2. Yeah I landed one and lost a few off Levi rd today(chum)

  3. Tried the soccer fields today, no luck but there are chums in there. One fisherman hooked a couple chums and lost them, and then landed a very nice silver. Looked like he was using very small corkies. Water is low and very clear.

  4. Awesome....looking to get out on the river tomorrow morning. Can't wait to hook into some chum!

  5. I am looking forward to fishing tomorrow AM. I dream of a chum ! I have only caught pink so far and feel left out. I will bring my camera.

  6. Gonna hit the river here in a little bit hope to feel that tug, good luck to you all fish on!!