Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lost a silver! Lost a chum!

Good fishing today, but nothing to bring home. First tried up at 116th....saw one silver lost, and not too many signs of anything else.

Headed down to the lower river, where my brother lost a nice silver, and I lost a 10-12 lb chum!
AAHHH! Anyway, good to have fish on the end of my line,  and didn't get rained (or snowed) on!
I was up about 100-150 ft from clarks creek. Both of us were using corkies & yarn.


  1. I saw nothing at soccer fields, butpeople were catching them at Clarks creek mouth near where you were. They were practically standing in the way of the mouth, so I'm not sure if they were just snagging em or not.

  2. Saw, or should i say heard 1 splasher today at 5th street bridge. took my 11 year old daughter river fishing for the first time so we werent there very long and I spent quite a bit of time teaching her to use a spinning reel. No fish but cool that my daughter is showing interest in fishing. maybe have better luck this week.

  3. I know 253. I saw the same thing....I don't think that's legal...but o well

    Good to hear Brian.....ahhhh remembering the first time I cast, and the first rats nest :)

  4. I sent I.F. some pics and vids of the netting today at Clark's creek (netting till Nov 23). I saw one net being pulled in and there were fish every 1-2 ft of the net and they were big. I went down on the other side where 2 boats docked and they were unloading lots more fish than last week when I went down. So some Coho's being thrown into the containers too. Those chum are big.

    According to the hydrograph 14.74 feet on Tues around 1pm. SO more fish should be coming up. I spoke to a fisherman Dan, who has been fishing the river for 20 years and worked at the hatchery and he said the next big rain will keep them coming in like the last rain a few days ago.

    Tight lines

  5. Gave the Carbon/Puyallup fork a try this morning and the river condition was excellent except there was no evidence of any fish moving through..talked to an old-timer also fishing there who said he thought the heavy flooding on and off the last few years had hurt the late runs badly.