Saturday, November 12, 2011

Done with silvers...onto the chum

Went up to 116th st. this morning, and saw a couple silvers rolling, but couldn't get any biters!
I think it's this sudden temperature drop this morning.....anyway, there are still silvers in the upper river, and I think they'll be in good numbers up till next weekend, but I'm going to move down lower for the chum.
The chum have been in the river for about a week and a half now, and I'm expecting the next couple weeks to be pretty hot......lots of catch & release, and maybe a couple smokers. Chum aren't in the deep pools like silvers....they're more in the 2-4 ft. of water, and they'll hit spinners, corkies, spoons, get the idea.  The most common color used is green, but pink works great too.

Good luck fishing!


  1. Saw lots of fish at the puyallup/white fork this morning, but couldnt get any to bite. A guy right on the fork caught a chrome chum plunking with eggs. Aside from that, outta the 5 or 6 guys there nobody caught anything. Frustrating as hell to see them jumping right in front of you and not getting them to bite.

  2. I hear ya.....experienced the same thing yesterday!

    I'm still interested in smoking tips.....I made a new page with all the tips I've got so far called "the smokin' post".....

    any tips are greatly appreciated.

  3. Looks like clarks creek??? Never fished there..where do you park? Do you park on the other side of the river and walk accross the bridge? What side of the bridge do you go over the it easy walking to get down the bank (have a bum knee).. Thanks for the help. Fished above fred meyer today...couple chums rolled but no takers. Can you fish under the bridge when they are netting and have their base camp set up on the other side?

  4. you can park over on the levee road side, and there's a side walk to get across the bridge.
    you can fish while they're netting, but i've never tried because i din't want the hassle....
    Getting down to the river shouldn't be a problem, but it might be a bit getting back up when you're done....
    I hope this works for you.

    let me know if you have any other questions....

  5. Believe it or not, Indians only netted maybe 3 small fish at the fork today as opposed to the 15 or so the other day.. Pretty lame it's a month and a half till the puke closes and there is still pretty much no fish. Anyone see if much got pulled out of the lower

  6. I didn't check out the lower netting, but I wouldn't be that surprised that after the third day of netting the entire lower river, their nets will be pretty close to empty. I rarely go fishing from Sunday - Wednesday just because I hate being disappointed :-)

    By this weekend the lower will be stacked again....I did see a pic of a nice chum pulled out at 116th, & I know the silvers are still holding up in the pools at 116th.

    I'm ready for a bunch of fish, so I'll be fishing the lower this weekend.....remember, everything has happened about two weeks late this year....

    Stay on target....stay on target....stay on target.......may the force be with you :-)

  7. Water levels wll be dropping back down Friday, I'm thinking there will be good fishing this weekend. All this rain hopefully will bring some up. Might run into me down at the lower!

  8. Hey Fellas...sorry this is off topic as its not the Puyallup, hope no one minds. Went to Minter creek today on the key peninsula and let me tell ya. I thought people fished close to one another on the Puyallup but this was ridiculous! A group of about 10 guys per pack no more than 2 to 3 feet from one another...I found a nice hole all to myself and this younger guy comes stopping threw the creek when there was tons of shore to walk then proceeds to cast RIGHT into my little tinny area I was fishing. Sighs. Didn't catch anything but seen a bunch of chums in there. Guys were snagging alot of them. Thinking about hitting up the way lower Puyallup this week tho. More in Tacoma area, anyone ever go out that far? Again sorry for the off subject.

  9. I saw a bunch netted at Clark's creek yesterday. I talked with the guys and they said it has been slow but this weekend and next week it'll pick up. They had coho too. He held up a huge chum, they were all silver.

  10. I've never gone way down river....just make sure you don't go down below 11 th st bridge. Sounds like fun up at minter :)

    Hoping it picks up here like you're saying flying.....I'm still getting the itch to go one more weekend for silvers up river, but I know I'll try for chum too.


  11. Caught a nice coho tonight at soccer fields. 29 inch, 13.5 inch girth on orange glow corkies