Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Puyallup river water level

It looks like the river's almost back into shape. Look at the hydro from the last couple days..- what a difference!
Not quite sure how long it takes for the water's color to get back into the "green", but Im hoping it might be getting there by today. On friday night, the visibility was about 5-6 feet which is extremely clear for the Puyallup.
I'm going to try to stop off on my way home from work & give it a go.


  1. WOW! That's pretty amazing.

    Good stuff!


  2. Also found this one:


    2009 9.8 million*
    2011 5.98 million
    * Record run. Previous record was 7.4 million in 1963.

    Puyallup River
    2011 54,500
    2010 11,000
    Increase: 491 percent

    Nisqually River
    2011 37,700
    2010 7,800
    Increase: 478 percent

    Squaxin Island
    2011 51,250
    2010 33,606
    Increase: 52.5 percent

    Chinook salmon
    2011 398,000*
    * Would be the second largest return on record. Overall, the total fall chinook forecast is the fifth highest since 1948.

    Source: Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife


  3. Just got back from 5th st bridge and all I can say is BRRRRRRR!!!! Cold and windy with no bites. I tried a spinner, corkie and yarn, even tried a float with salmon eggs to with no luck. Called it a day after my toes went numb. Im not going back until there are solid reports of multiple silvers being caught...only because Ive gone 3 weeks now and only caught 2 pinks by hook in mouth and that is only taking 3 days off to NOT fish...a little frustrating to say the least. I guess I started river fishing a little late in the season but I still love being on the river. Cheers fellas.

  4. Same here this morning by Fred Meyer, didn't see any fish jumping or rolling. Gonna give it a shot Thurs/Fri. River was still a bit high but had cleared up quite a bit and was fishable.

  5. Same upriver at the fork. I didnt catch squat or see any jumpers but saw 2 guys get one each across the water using spoons/spinners. I went to Fred meyer bought a #3 pink vibrax and gave it a go for a few more hours and got nothing. I'm tight there with ya Dan, pretty frustrating being down there so much with no results.

  6. Went down to the river on my way home as well, and didnt see anything happening at all.
    I don't get it. It's almost the end of October and I havn't heard barely anything as far as good numbers of silvers.
    In 2009 for three weeks in a row I saw silvers jumping & rolling all over the place.....
    Gonna hit it again this weekend. ..... The water had about 4 ft. Visibility - quite a difference from Sunday!

  7. Was at the fork (puyallup / white) for 4 hours (9am to 1pm) yesterday, fished the treatment plant side up and down, saw a few pinks swimming dressed in halloween zombie attire, no bites. Water is nice and clearing up. Went to the fork where there were two older gentlemen fishing with #5 flourescent yellow blue foxes. they didnt have a net, so I helped one of them land a gorgeous silver, about 7 pounds, his second of the morning. The exact area they were casting into was of questionable legality due to its proximity to the mouth of the white river, but......I gave it shot for awhile with a #4 pink blue fox, and got nothing. There are definitely silvers in there though they seem to be holding in small numbers in certain spots.

  8. I'm pretty sure it's just that you can't stand at at the mouth of the river blocking fish front entering. I think fishing in front of it is fine...but i could be wrong.

    Good to hear they're starting to show up though.
    Good luck.

  9. River has cleared up. Went to puyallup and white river mouth. No action with spinners or Corkies. I was only there an hour.

    -Flying Hawaiian

  10. Fished the fork again up and down for three hours this morning from 9 to 12. I did not catch anything, tried spinners and corkies. Saw a few others who had been there since sunrise, one of them c&r'd a dolly varden trout on a spinner, that's it. The water is green again and about 4 foot visibility.

  11. Stopped by both the Puyallup and the Carbon just now on our way back from Spooner farms. Puyallup is clearing up nicely but is still a little higher than a week ago. The Carbon was also clearing up but the same as far as water level. Fished the Puyallup for as long as my kids would let me...lol. About 8 minutes. :P

  12. Looking to maybe hit the river one more time before the weekend. It looks like it's supposed to pour down rain on friday, & make the river jump back up.....one thing i can say is, I'm sure glad the chum will be here in a couple weeks...I know they're not coho....but they're fish!

  13. Hit the river by Fred this am, water conditions beautiful but no signs of fisn.
    Great article about dick nite lures in yesterday's Seattle Times: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/restlessnative/2016606653_restless26m.html
    Mentions speckled "frog" pattern that coho supposedly love, anyone know about it? I looked at the dick nite website and I saw a "frog and pearl" pattern which looks to be yellow with random green speckles..wonder if thats the one.
    They also sell paint for lures..I have this crazy idea of hand-painting corkies..hmmm

  14. Great link. Thanks. I'm gonna try one of these out next time I can get by sportco.

  15. Went to the river yesterday across from soccerfields (first time there).
    Used flame corkie and yarn - didn't catch any.
    The river was high, but I did see many fish on the opposite side of the river and a few bright fish jumping in the middle of the river.
    Bummer the river is so high - I hope the chum run will be great.

  16. My son and I hit the green river after work yesterday. It was a really nice afternoon and we couldn't resist. We tried eggs and blue fox... no fish but at least we had the river all to ourselves... lol.

    I did manage to scrape a carcass off of the bottom... holy smokes! Was that thing ever ugly!


  17. I fished under the 5th St bridge this morning 7:30-9am. Two others fishing there. Went behind Safeway from 9:-10:15am. One other fishing there. I did not see a fish jump nor did anyone catch anything. I am a rookie and planned on coming home empty handed. But hoped for a fish. I just took the opportunity to study the behavior of the water. At first I used a Vibrax #4. I don't even know if I used it correctly but I am paying my dues. Then behind Safeway I used a corky w/ yarn.

  18. Fished the white / puyallup fork this morning. There were several anglers there trying to catch something. The water was severe clear and beautiful!! I saw someone catching several big silver fish of some type, of course it was down the river in an area where i was not able to get to. I also saw fish rolling in that area throughout the morning. In the immediate spot I was at, I saw no fish caught or roll through.

  19. Saw some rolling at white puyallup fork this morning, looks like they are comin in finally

  20. Went to 76 for 1.5 hours, then 5th street 1 hr and no sightings of fish or hits. Saw 2 jumping at the fork of white/ puyallup river. Saw one caught at the puyallup by the pylons about 150 yards before the white/ puyallup river fork.