Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mixed Reports...but they're in for sure

The Coho have definitely been in the lower river for at least a week and a half now.
I stopped on my way home from work & saw a nice jumper chrome! Couldn't get it to bite anything I threw at it, but I'll get 'em here a little farther up river next week :)

I've heard very mixed reports on the lower river...."all day fishing - not one sign of a fish"  -- "saw lots of jumpers & rollers"  - a wide range for sure!

Talking & reading, I'm hearing that the b-run of silvers don't hang out in the lower river as long as the a-run at all, and that sometimes people catch b-run silvers in the carbon with sea lice still on them, which means they move up river pretty quick!

I don't know if i'll be able to get on the river this weekend, but next weekend I'll be trying the upper portions of the river hoping to get into some nice silvers....hopefully the weather cooperates.

Here's a book I came across I thought someone may be interested in. I'm gonna get it myself. I guess this guy took all the state's catch cards & made a calendar about when & where the best fishing is in the state of Washington according to actual fish caught ....good idea - i'm hoping there's good info in it.


  1. Thats great news I.F.! After yesterdays rain I doubt it will be any good down there today? I have to cut and haul a ton (or 3 tons) of fire wood today, but maybe after that I may swing by the river for a bit just for the hell of it. I really hope I can get at least one silver this year. Talk to ya later.

  2. This may sound like a dumb question but do the chum run up the puyallup? If yes, how far do they go?

    beginner fisherwoman

  3. Yes -- the chum run all the way up to voights creek on the carbon. I was shocked last year when I saw how many were being netted. Only went fishing for them a couple times last year, but I had good success. Green corkies...mmmm

  4. Thanks and when do they start running?


  5. They'll start showing up in the lower river in the beginning of November, but I'm not gonna try for them until the middle of November when they're showing up in bigger numbers.

  6. River was low, and clear. No fish at the lower puyallup by 76& 5th street. 2 jumpers at white/ puyallup river fork.

  7. I know... same here Flying Hawaiian. I went down to the fork yesterday, & at about 5 pm they started jumping all over the place for a bout an hour...very reminiscent of '09. Nice seeing that many fish making their way up river, but a bit frustrating not getting any hits.

    You said you saw one caught by the pylons? Were you able to see what they hit? --lure..corkie...spoon?


  8. I think Im going to try the river today somewhere. Looked at some river level reports and as far as it looks it is still at a reasonable level. (don't quote me tho) Anyone else going out today?

  9. I came across this site a few weeks ago and have been learning a lot. I have a few pinks in the freezer but the more I hear about the "silvers" coming in... the more hopefuI I get of landing myself a few. Props to the the IF. The great people in the world are the ones who are willing to serve the others. My opionon. See y'all on the river the first weekend in november.

  10. It seems most fish for chums no farther up than clarks creek. Do they go up the creek or do all of them run up to the carbon? Are the chums hatchery spawning or are they wild spawning in the river?

    I have always fished for chums in the Nisqually (later run starts december). Also the nisqually are a different genetic strain...Fish are brighter and the meat cuts very good when compared to other runs.

    I want to fish some chums on the puyallup this year as it is closer to home and just want to know if my usual fishing area (above meridian bridge) is worth it for chums or is it a clarks creek drill only?

    Thanks for the help.

  11. @IF, I could not see but his buddy had a spinner.
    253 saw someone catch with black corkies. I heard black corkies or yarn with chartreuse corkies or yarn are good for coho. I caught one with Green corkies and black yarn at nisqually, then again caught cohos on glow orange/rocket red corkies during the pink run in the puyallup.

    Will try again tomorrow after work.

  12. Only about 4-500 chum actually go up clarks creek. most of them shoot right up to the carbon, so it's just finding your spot on the river during the winter months when the river can be a little higher. Pretty much the same setup used as for the pinks.
    I've heard good reports at 5th st. freddy's, white river fork, and of course clarks creek. They definitely get caught in the upper river, but I've never tried

  13. Well didnt catch anything @ the lower time to move towards the carbon. I think 90% of the b-run shot thru on the high water from last sunday-tuesday.

    Anyways if you wanna watch a funny video like this youtube link hahaha


  14. nice video...i'm amazed i continue to see zombie pinks still swimming