Friday, September 9, 2011

River's filling back up

The pinks and silver's are filling back up in the river after the netting the beginning of this'll be like this the next couple weeks--- mon, tue, wed, thur, slow....fri, sat, on!!!

My brothers pulled out a couple nice pinks in about an hour & a half tonight.

Sept. 9th pinks 2011


  1. Trip 7:

    My son and I hit the river on Thursday to try out some of the tips you offered. I had hoped to land my first fish but it was not to be. On my third cast I got one on but lost it at my feet... had one more on but again, could not land it. In 7 trips I’ve had at least 15 fish on and been unable to land most of them. If anyone has any tips on what I’m doing wrong I’d could sure use your help.

    Friday we were back at the river again around 3:30 PM. I tied on some longer leader like you had suggested. My son refuses to use a leader that long and stayed with his 5-1/2 footer. I had a different thought process than previously as far as what was is going on when fish are making contact and it paid off. But again, I had 4 fish on and could not land them. My 5th one I did. HOO-RAY! I finally caught and landed one!!

    My son, with his 5-1/2 foot leader had 6 fish on, landed 3 and let one go because he hooked it on the outside of the mouth. He refuses to keep any fish he doesn't hook inside the mouth. His momma and I raised him with a sense of right and wrong and to him, hooking a fish anywhere but inside the mouth is wrong and should be released.

    Thanks again for your patience in learning to drift fish. I'm beginning to understand a little more about how it works and I hope to have continued success.

    I could sure use some pointers on landing more of these fish... I’ve tried rod tip up, rod tip down... just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.



    Sounds like a fun time.
    I think you might not be putting enough tension on your initial hook set. Imagine, setting the hook, and then slowly pulling back on your pole as the fish is still deep in the water....It will drive the hook deep into the mouth (this is all done in one motion). If you try this after the fish has already surfaced --like dragging it up on the bank-- it doesn't have near the effect, and usually ends up pulling it out of its mouth - no good.

    Once again...glad to hear you landed a fish.

    By the way....i still see even the most experienced fishermen loose fish right at the bank, all the time.

  3. Thanks for the reply and the tip. It looks like you and your brothers are continuing to have a lot of success!

    I will try to do a better job of setting the hook. Do hooks needed to be sharpened right out of the package?

    Thanks again!