Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pink Sunrise

Down at the river this morning for about three hours.....lots of pinks are in there.
Hooked and landed five pinks, only kept three. Kept throwing back hoping for the silver, but it never happened.
My brother landed three, and my other brother landed the biggest pink among us.

He fouled hooked about an eight pound silver....about one inch behind the gills....ouch!....throw back!

I tried out MY NEW REEL which I "reely" liked. Having a higher gear ration helps immensely with retrieving your gear, and fish quickly.

Sept. 10th Pinks 2011\


  1. How many silvers can you accually keep per day? Just wanted to make sure I understood the rules.

  2. You can keep two silvers.
    The regulations pamphlet make it about as hard to understand as possible, but here's the deal.

    You can keep four adult fish, and six fish total. The following are some of the combos that are legal.

    Two pinks, two silvers, two jacks
    Two pinks, two kings
    One king, One silver
    Four pinks, two jacks

    CHIN JACK = King jacks or Chinook jacks (12 to less than 24 inches) COHO JACK = Silver jacks or Coho jacks (12 to less than 20 inches)

  3. just found your blog, but great stuff... me and my brother switched up to your methods and reasoning, and been knocking them silly fri and sat.. couldn't get down tonight.. work stinks.. we were down behind fred meyer and the best action was at sunset. got the stinkeye from the guys around us that were'nt catching. good luck tomorrow ;)

  4. right on...always good to hear a success story.

    On the super hot days especially, sunset is definitely best.

    If you're fishing behind fred meyer, next Saturday morning at sunrise should be poppin' with new fish coming in.