Friday, September 23, 2011

Not to many pinks left...Silvers anyone?

The lower Puyallup is a little slow right now, due to the netting, and it being the end of the pink run. Not to say there aren't pinks in there, but they're not really even worth smokin'.

The a-run of silvers is still in full swing, but from reports, it sounds like most fish are being caught in the upper portions of the Puyallup, and the Carbon river (which flows into the puyallup).

I'll be heading out Saturday morning at sunrise to try my luck.

Fish on!!!!!


  1. Can anyone give us a preview of what to expect for the month of October?


  2. Are Chum good to eat?

  3. FYI...just called the net hotline and the tribe netting opens noon sun thru noon WED..thru octomber 12...unless low returns at hatchery.

    Fished Tuesday and it was DEAD due to nets..past couple days Wed, thursday..several of my friends have caught there two was and honest 15lb hook nose buck...maybe an early B run.

  4. October should be great as far as silvers go. This next week of high tides should be bringing them in.

  5. Chum are not too good for eating - similar to pinks, but they're great for smokin'

  6. Thank for all of the info!