Saturday, September 3, 2011

Morning silver's and pinks

Went down to 5th st. this morning, and killed 'em. Limited out in an hour & a half --four pinks, and one jack silver.
My brother caught a silver and two pinks, and my other brother caught three huge pinks.....overall, about a two hour trip, and lots of fish on. These huge tides the last couple days are bringing in a lot of fish.

Tonight, I'll be posting a video on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL of where I was casting, and where I was getting fish on.



  1. I landed my first ever fish (pink) thins morning around 10:30am. I actually hooked and lost two and then hooked and lost the third one as I was trying to climb out of the river and pull the fish out. It was a learning process. Theoretically, I could have landed all four fish, but at first I got too excited and didn't reel in the fish quick enough. On the third one I did reel in properly, but I didn't know how to get it out of the water. A net would have helpped. Anyway thanks a lot for all the tip. I have more confidence in hitting limit next time.
    I think I had the best setup around where I was fishing (in front of the soccer field, but the wrong side of it, where there aren't as many people). But, I was the least experienced. I didn't see anyone else hook 4 fish while I was there.
    I was using bright yellow size 12 corkie and black yarn with shrimp scent and a 9ft leader.
    Anyway, thanks again.

  2. Great to hear! I drove by the soccer fields a little while ago, and it looked like it was packed!

    There's nothing like the feeling of landing the fish, and knowing you're not going home skunked.

    Try to make notes of what the river level, tides, and additional info, to try and replicate it as much as possible. Sometimes a 6 inch rise in the level of the river can move the hole the fish are sitting in up or down river about ten feet or more.

    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!