Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A lot of silvers....and big

Saw quite a few silvers being pulled out tonight down at 5th st.....They're quite a bit bigger than the first batch that came thru.

The netting will be happening form noon sunday thru noon tuesday the next two weekends, but the closures are over.

The netting schedule hotline is  #253-845-7747


  1. What are the regulations on wild Coho in the Puyallup? I am looking in the rules pamphlet and cant find what the answer.

  2. You can keep wild coho....only wild chinook have to be released

  3. thanks brother, caught a nice wild silver this afternoon, showed the pic to a friend, he thought the fish might be illegal, thanks again for the clarification. Love the site, I check it multiple times a day. LOL! Fish on!