Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lower Puyallup is being filled up

This breakdown of the tides, shows why you can be sure the next run of silvers are on their way in. Salmon utilize the biggest tides (over 12 ft) to make their initial journey up river. This is taken off the page -

Sun 253:20 AM PDT / 10.09 ft9:47 AM PDT / 1.10 ft4:19 PM PDT / 11.83 ft10:30 PM PDT / 2.71 ft
7:00 AM PDT7:01 PM PDT
Mon 264:21 AM PDT / 10.80 ft10:34 AM PDT / 1.53 ft4:48 PM PDT / 12.11 ft11:10 PM PDT / 1.22 ftHere comes the b-run of silvers!7:01 AM PDT6:59 PM PDT
Tue 275:19 AM PDT / 11.45 ft11:20 AM PDT / 2.19 ft5:20 PM PDT / 12.31 ft11:51 PM PDT / -0.13 ftNew Moon7:03 AM PDT6:57 PM PDT
Wed 286:15 AM PDT / 11.92 ft12:05 PM PDT / 3.03 ft5:53 PM PDT / 12.41 ft7:04 AM PDT6:55 PM PDT
Thu 2912:34 AM PDT / -1.18 ft7:11 AM PDT / 12.12 ft12:51 PM PDT / 3.97 ft6:29 PM PDT / 12.33 ft7:05 AM PDT6:53 PM PDT
Fri 301:19 AM PDT / -1.77 ft8:10 AM PDT / 12.06 ft1:40 PM PDT / 4.93 ft7:08 PM PDT / 12.04 ft7:07 AM PDT6:51 PM PDT

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Upper river is hot!

Lots of fish up where the carbon & puyallup meet.
I lost a nice king after a bout a 5-10 minute battle; after it made it into the rapids! AAHHH!
Landed quite a few fish, and a ton of 'em on. Overall, a fun time fishin'.

Saw two nice silvers landed -7lb

sept 24th at carbon puy. seam

Friday, September 23, 2011

Puyallup RIver Netting Schedule

The tribal netting continues Sunday at noon thru Wednesday noon. THis is the schedule until the 12th of October.

Remember, play fair, and give the tribe their space if you're fishing in the lower portions. I know it's hard seeing someone pull out TONS of fish when you're struggling for hours, but they do help make sure the runs will be strong for years to come.

Not to many pinks left...Silvers anyone?

The lower Puyallup is a little slow right now, due to the netting, and it being the end of the pink run. Not to say there aren't pinks in there, but they're not really even worth smokin'.

The a-run of silvers is still in full swing, but from reports, it sounds like most fish are being caught in the upper portions of the Puyallup, and the Carbon river (which flows into the puyallup).

I'll be heading out Saturday morning at sunrise to try my luck.

Fish on!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


One thing to take note of coming into the fall & winter months is the barometer, and how it affects wether the bite is on or off. I heard other peoples reports of the puyallup today, and they weren't good, which is not suprising. I'm sure the netting didn't help, but the barometer was all over the place, and quite a bit lower than it has been the last couple weeks. Not that it can't be counter acted with different leader lengths, and sizes of corkies, but it makes it a little more difficult.

I use my "what to use" page as a quick reference.

I've had it happen where I was at a location friday night, and was hooking into fish all over the place; went to the same location less than twelve hours later....saw tons of sign of fish...and couldn't get a hit. The only thing different was a drop in temperature & the barometer.

Any comments? I'd love to hear what people think

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A lot of silvers....and big

Saw quite a few silvers being pulled out tonight down at 5th st.....They're quite a bit bigger than the first batch that came thru.

The netting will be happening form noon sunday thru noon tuesday the next two weekends, but the closures are over.

The netting schedule hotline is  #253-845-7747

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Puyallup River Fishing Regulations Breakdown

The regulations pamphlet makes it about as hard to understand as possible, but here's the deal.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pink Sunrise

Down at the river this morning for about three hours.....lots of pinks are in there.
Hooked and landed five pinks, only kept three. Kept throwing back hoping for the silver, but it never happened.
My brother landed three, and my other brother landed the biggest pink among us.

He fouled hooked about an eight pound silver....about one inch behind the gills....ouch!....throw back!

I tried out MY NEW REEL which I "reely" liked. Having a higher gear ration helps immensely with retrieving your gear, and fish quickly.

Sept. 10th Pinks 2011\

Friday, September 9, 2011

River's filling back up

The pinks and silver's are filling back up in the river after the netting the beginning of this'll be like this the next couple weeks--- mon, tue, wed, thur, slow....fri, sat, on!!!

My brothers pulled out a couple nice pinks in about an hour & a half tonight.

Sept. 9th pinks 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mornings, or Evenings are best

On super hot days (heat wave 2011 ;-) like the ones we're having, midday seems to be pretty slow for fishing.
If you have to fish in the middle of the day, look for an area of the river that's shaded, and if you can wait, it seems like sunset....and I mean "GETTING TO DARK TO SEE" sunset is an awesome time to fish.
I'll be hitting the river a couple time this weekend hoping to hit into some silvers.

Fish ON!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to fish the Puyallup video

Morning silver's and pinks

Went down to 5th st. this morning, and killed 'em. Limited out in an hour & a half --four pinks, and one jack silver.
My brother caught a silver and two pinks, and my other brother caught three huge pinks.....overall, about a two hour trip, and lots of fish on. These huge tides the last couple days are bringing in a lot of fish.

Tonight, I'll be posting a video on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL of where I was casting, and where I was getting fish on.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Fishing in the dark?

On hot days like the last few we've had, and the couple in front of us, sometimes dusk is the the best time to fish. The extreme sun seems to put fish off the bite. as the shadows start hitting the river, the bites get on....... Look at these fish landed tonight as the sun was going down. The second picture is of the river...not much light left, but fish were being hooked.

the river

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fish producing tides right now!

A lot of big tides the last couple days are bringing in a lot of new fish. I'll be hitting the river in the mornings, and evenings this weekend, looking to hook into some silvers. Check out my tides page to see what I mean by big tides, and why you can be sure a lot of fish are coming in right now.